vendredi 22 avril 2005


Corey MCCORKLE, Solar Wind Setting

"How does one give form to transcendence? How does one shape immateriality? These questions are poignantly explored in the helium balloon installation Solar Wind Setting (2005) at the Kunsthalle Bern. For this piece McCorkle tracked down a German scientist involved in a little-known project to develop a foil to collect the sun’s rays in outer space. The artist requisitioned remnants of the original material used on the Apollo missions to the moon and constructed balloons made to the exact specifications of Andy Warhol’s famous 1966 installation Silver Clouds (the year the foil was invented). McCorkle’s installation filled a room with balloons that rose and fell with the sun’s entering rays, as well as a video of a single balloon that the artist set free over central Bern. If the video visualizes the hopeful act of materializing something evanescent, the mundane Warholian balloons were a gentle reminder of the impossibility of this gesture." Claire Gilman

COREY MCCORKLE - Jesus Christ Says She Is The Sun · 01.04. - 22.05.2005